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Tony Chen - Dream Painter

Everyone is a painter in his/her field, painting his/her own dream. When he/she is concentrating on his work, the divine inspiration from heaven comes like a steady stream. Anything from his/her hand would become a masterpiece. No matter what he/she draw, they are all lifelike and even really have life. Waving the brush, receiving divine inspirations, and in high spirits, the dream painter is drawing a new world - new heaven, new earth and new people.

陳東 - 畫夢
每個人都是自己領域裡的畫師,繪出夢想。在他/她專注於自己的作品時,天賜的靈感源源不斷,只要經其之手,必成佳作。畫筆中無論畫出什麼,都栩栩如生,甚至真的有了生命。畫筆揮舞、慧光靈動、神采飛揚,繪出一個嶄新的世界 - 新天、新地、新人。