Beautiful girls dance elegantly in the court. Brave generals perform martial arts. Scholars, generals, ladies and ambassadors from around the world gather in the palace before the Emperor. They celebrate the Glorious Age of Virtue that can last forever.
The five-millennia tradition of China is rich and deep, and it resonates through history. This traditional culture, spread by divine beings, is diverse and colorful. Cultivate oneself and value virtue, and Heaven and Earth become solid. Mankind aspires to kindness and compassion again, so that righteousness may reappear in the Divine Land of China.
莊嚴優雅的宮廷舞蹈、威武蒼勁的武將表演 - 文武百官、萬國使臣齊聚帝王的皇宮慶典,同百姓一起贊頌敬天重德帶來的盛世景象;
五千年文明,古往今來,博大精深;神傳文化,多姿多彩,修心、修身、養德天地固,人心向善,神州浩然正氣 - 盛世長久不衰。